One of the easiest ways to add both style and personality to any space is with artwork.  Whether it is a large canvas, vintage print or framed photo, the artwork will inject life into any room and instantly make it feel more welcoming and complete. 

Start by surveying your home to see which rooms or blank walls need that something extra. The space you wish to fill will determine the art you choose to place there – a large artwork can appear cumbersome if not enough breathing room surrounds it just as a small piece will appear lost if too much space remains. By echoing the size of the space you wish to place your artwork, you can’t really go wrong. 

Next, you have to think about the style of artwork that suits your taste and home. Being a lover of monochrome schemes, I can’t go past simple greyscale images or black and white prints. However, if you wish to add a little more colour to your home, you might choose a canvas with a bold pattern or vibrant hues. Select a piece of artwork that reflects one or two of the shades that already exist in the room to help it tie in seamlessly with its surrounds.


Whether you’re renting (and the dreaded plastic hooks just won’t do) or if you desire an alternative look, consider leaning your framed artwork against a wall or on your sideboard, grouping a few pictures that gently overlap to create interest. Of course, you can’t go past a pair of prints hanging next to each other or the beloved gallery wall to make a statement! 

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on wall art, consider making some yourself. One of my favourite pieces is a landscape travel photo, enlarged to A0 size and framed in oak to tie in with my existing furniture. For this to work well, make sure your image is high resolution and clear. The cost of a good framer isn’t exactly cheap, however, they will be able to assist you with frame timbers/colours and mouldings to ensure you have a professional looking piece in no time. 

PIP+COOP have access to many amazing artists and suppliers in Melbourne, so if you are suck for where to find the perfect piece just shoot us an email at we would love to help you out! 

Emma Semple 


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