Finding the right rug!

Often a room can appear unfinished, be lacking in texture or have undefined spaces and an easy solution to this is to simply add a rug. Being effortlessly interchangeable, rugs are an excellent option for both renters and homeowners. Choosing a rug, however, is no easy task and there are a few points to keep in mind when selecting one.

  • Consider where you are going to place your rug, whether it be in your bedroom, lounge room or dining area. Once that’s decided, choose an appropriate layout and then measure your space or the area you wish to fill. Generally, there are two classic layouts which you can select and use to help clearly define your space: placing all furniture on the on the rug (using a generous rug) or partially placing only some furniture on the rug.
  • Depending on your layout, think about what size will best suit your space and its scale in proportion to your furniture. Rugs generally come in a couple of standard sizes, on average 1200mm x 1500mm, 1600mm x 2300mm (normally the same length as a three-seater sofa) or 2000mm x 3000mm. Ensure you select the correct rug size as rugs which are too small are visually displeasing.
  • Once you have the functional points sorted, you can turn your focus to the colour and texture of your rug. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton and hemp feel nicest underfoot, generally, wear best and are relatively easy to keep clean. As a good rug is a costly investment, opt for a well-constructed rug in a neutral colour and timeless pattern (such as a Persian or Kilim rug) that won’t easily go out of style. You are also more likely to get away with a patterned rug in your dining area or bedroom as these spaces are normally less decorated.

Now you’re set to go out and find yourself a rug that rocks, pin some inspiration to get you started.

A rug really can make a room, if you are still stuck in finding the perfect one for your space or have found an amazing rug but now want to spruce up your furniture. Get in touch, we would love to help as well as introduce you to our wonderful wholesalers to save you some money!

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