Lets talk Minimal!

So this is one of the hardest looks to pull off but so many of my clients these days are searching for this look.  This look is very popular among my male clients and clients in apartments.

So where to start?

You want to pick your sofa first, it’s the biggest item in the room and the one you will use the most! Comfort is key when looking for a Sofa, but don’t forget to imagine it in the space. If your space is small I recommend a sofa that has thin arms and open legs.  I am often wary of suggesting a Modular or chaise sofas that have a set way e.g.: Left-hand Chaise. This just restricts you if you want to mix things up or move in the future so maybe look for a sofa that has an ottoman that can attach acting as a chaise.

Remember Modern Minimal is all about clean lines, neutral tones and classic shapes. We want to do our best to keep the room as simple as possible!

In the room, you will want your sofa paired with a classic shape coffee table and side table. Add a textured or patterned rug and a lamp to set the mood.

As far as accessories go the answer is less is more! Try adding a stack of books to the coffee table no more than 3, you may even find a minimalist book to add and some simple sculptural pieces, nothing overly decorative.

Natural Hues, Blacks and greys work best to create the minimal look paired with some fresh white walls! You need to find that very fine balance between a gallery and home. Add some texture and natural materials to add dimension to the room. Think Leather, Timber, linen and black steel.

When you get it right with these elements the room just oozes sophistication and style!

If you are dreaming of this setting or having trouble creating it we would love to help you out!

It’s a tricky one.

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