Call me vain, but I love having mirrors in my home. Often, after decorating and personalizing your home with artwork you are left with a blank wall or dark corner that needs something extra.

A mirror may be the solution!

Adding a touch of glamour to any home, a mirror is a great addition and can be both functional and decorative. The benefit of a mirror is that it can give the appearance of more space and volume while maximizing natural light – what home doesn’t need that?!

If you have a small living area with a lively, green courtyard outside, a clever positioning of a mirror will help bring the outside in and give the illusion of space. Likewise, positioning a large mirror opposite a window will reflect the beautiful external views and double the amount of natural light. Of course, the size of your mirror will determine how much of the outside you reflect in and bigger is generally better.

Framed, unframed, round or square, a mirror of any shape and size can be incorporated into whichever room you choose. Entrance halls, in particular, are a great place to hang a mirror as they look fantastic above a small hall table styled with a few of your favorite books or flowers which makes a lovely statement upon entering a home.

Just remember when positioning your mirror to be mindful of the reflection within your home as we don’t want to highlight the ’junk corner’ or the washing pile in the laundry!

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