Airbnb Styling

Home styling to keep your property booked all year

The popularity of Airbnb both here in Melbourne and all around the world has never been greater and we are seeing a rise in investment opportunities for clients purchasing properties in this market. Having being in the style for sale industry for so many years I know that the styling a property can drastically change the outcome on auction or sale day.

The same can be said with Airbnb in that first impressions often dictate decisions. Statistics have shown that a styled Airbnb is 90% more likely to fill the listing over properties that are not currently styled and is more likely to achieve a higher return per night than a listing similar close by.

I also have an Airbnb listing myself and know first hand how the platform works and how to get the most back on your investment property. 

At PIP+COOP we aim to target the demographic in your investment property area and style the property to create an inviting and interesting space that appeals to them while standing out from the rest! It may be a full fit out of a property or just some small pieces to completely change the look and feel of the place. 

We would love to help you get to the top of Airbnb results and well on your way to having a fully booked out listing all year round, because we know that first impressions matter!

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