I recently had a sudden urge to flip my entire house around! You know what they say a change is as good as a holiday? Well, a vacation wasn’t on the cards for a while, so I opted for the latter.

Sometimes when it comes to our personal interiors, we get “comfortable” with the layout or the items placed in the room, but you can get an entirely different look like I did with no money and 2 hours of your time!

I think back to my childhood, and I remember my mom doing this almost every week, moving the couch, changing the colour or painting a wall.

Maybe that’s where I inherited my love of interiors or my obsession with change.

So here are some step-by-step tips on how I achieved the final product in my home.

First things first, strip everything! Take your room back to the bones just the solid furniture items, now take a step back and see how your layout can transform. In my living room, I was not able to move the TV as it’s a projector on the wall (one thing that annoys me). I had to think about the sofa and armchair layout and was able to move the couch across and push the armchair to the other side of the room against the window. The outcome made my open plan dining area look HUGE! Now I’m thinking how did I never try this before!

Second tip and a BIG one, you now will have a pile on the other side of the room of all the cushions and accessories you had in your room. Now leave that and take a walk around your house and pick some things you love, RIGHT NOW in the moment love. I chose some new cushions from the spare room and some books and accessories I had on shelves in the dining/kitchen!

Now head back to the room and place these items as you feel in the room mix up the cushions with the old ones and the ones you no longer feel work in that room replace from where you found the new ones!

It might even be a replacement of Art that can spark a whole new theme.

Some items that were collecting dust on the shelf are now shining in the new setting in my living room! And I love the new Layout!

So take the leap and give it a go, a great weekend project and remember it’s not forever, but I am sure like me you will find that you have selected things your in-love with NOW, and you will be happy with the result and find the new layout refreshing!

If you were finding it hard sometimes it’s easy to have a fresh pair of eyes in the room, PIP+COOP would love to help you! Send through an email and we will be happy to sort a package that suits you.

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