Selecting the perfect sofa is no easy task. With so many options and styles on the market, choosing the most stylish sofa is easy, however, it’s much harder to find one that combines both style and comfort. Just last week while shopping for a new sofa, I thought I’d found the perfect one, but upon sitting down found it to be hard as a rock! No thank you.

As we spend so much time lounging on our sofas, they have to be above all comfortable. A nice deep seat with plush cushions will ensure you can snuggle up without fear of slipping right off the edge.

The size of your room must be taken into consideration as well. No point having a large, luxurious sofa if you can’t move freely around it or it takes up the whole width of the room! However, if you are looking to define your living space, a chaise sofa is a great option or you may prefer to have the one sofa and a couple of occasional chairs.

Your selection of material depends on your budget and lifestyle. If you have little ones, you may prefer leather which makes it easier to wipe away (most) spills and food! The fabric is always a popular choice and provided it’s protected at the beginning, will be just as durable – unless you have a mischievous cat like me that scratches the corners when I’m asleep….

Choosing a specific fabric itself is a whole other storey; however, as a general rule, a tight weave with two or more colours will be more forgiving when it comes to stains and abrasion.

Being a more expensive purchase, the colour you choose is also paramount. Neutrals such as grey, beige and tan leather are timeless and can be easily updated each season with a new throw rug or vibrant cushions.   If you are feeling more playful though, you can choose from one of the lovely pastel hues that are currently on the market.

Check out some inspiration below from left to right:

From Dulux Australia featuring the ever popular Wilfred Sofa from Jardan.

From PIP+COOP Styling the Wisteria Design The Carl 3 Seater.

From Freedom Clifford Sofa in Charme Natural is timeless, stylish and affordable!

If you are having trouble because let’s face it the struggle is real! Feel free to contact us and we will come to the rescue and work together to save you some time and money!

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