Winter Styling Tips!

With grey clouds and endless rain many people don’t like winter (and I don’t entirely blame them), but I for one love it! Warm nights spent by the fire, hot chocolate, red wine, cosy knits… the list goes on. And when it comes to styling your home during winter, a few small updates will make sure you have a great place to hibernate during the cooler months.

Do You Knit? – if not that’s no problem! There are many gorgeous blankets and throws out there at the moment designed to keep us warm when the temperature drops. The knitted wool ones are my favourite and the chunkier the better. Snuggle up on the sofa with one of these or throw one over your bed for added warmth and style.

Rug Up – one of the easiest ways to bring warmth into your home is with a generously sized rug. Make sure you choose the correct size for your room or area you want to define and look for one in a plush, luxurious fabric that feels nice underfoot.

Moody Hues – from shades of grey to midnight blue, darkening your colour pallet during winter is a sure way to create depth and make your spaces feel more subdued. Whether it be cushions, linen or throws, pair your darker colours with crisp white, blush pink and warm timber to prevent your rooms appearing too cold.

Hide & Sheep – if your knitted throw doesn’t have you feeling toasty, you could opt for some hide as well. Take your pick from gorgeous sheepskin, reindeer hide or even goat hide and drape it over your sofa, dining chair, bed or layer one over your rug. Think more alpine chic and less 70’s Swiss chalet!


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